FAQs Factors to consider when shopping for a floor? What Type of Hardwood Floor? What Grade of Hardwood Floor? What Type of Finish for Your Hardwood Floor? Considering Radiant Heat? Can ceramic tile be used outdoors? What is the difference between glazed and unglazed tiles? Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile? What is…

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Happy Floors Tile Flooring – Tampa Bay

A bathroom with black cabinets and a bathtub

Happy Floors carries the most complete collection of beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile to custom fit your home or office. The Italian tile industry is known as the world leader in design and technology. Italian tile manufactures also are very environmentally conscious and take multiple steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In general majority of…

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IWT Tesoro Tile Flooring – Tampa Bay

A IWT Tesoro tile flooring at tampa bay

Tesoro tile is made up of 100% porcelain or natural stone, and the collection includes a vast selection of borders and accents to complement your selection. Available in hundreds of hand-picked styles to appeal to your personal tastes, Tesoro is perfect for flooring, walls, countertops, backsplashes, foyers, fireplaces and pools¬†and also has a selection of…

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