FAQs Factors to consider when shopping for a floor? What Type of Hardwood Floor? What Grade of Hardwood Floor? What Type of Finish for Your Hardwood Floor? Considering Radiant Heat? Can ceramic tile be used outdoors? What is the difference between glazed and unglazed tiles? Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile? What is…

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DeGeorge Room Improvement

Looking for that fresh and updated look? Consider a floor change. A polymeric floor is beyond versatile. Its quality standards are unequaled. 100% water proof Scratch proof Perfect for busy and wet areas of the home Easy installation   Call Us Today at (800) 282-6237 FREE Estimates

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A living room with two white couches and table

Factory direct Hardwood Flooring products for your kitchen, living, dining, family, great rooms, bedroom/master suite, and study. You can find these recognized brands in our showroom: Kahrs Ark Wood Floors Ascend Floors Sawyer and Southern Floors Wecork Floors Dalcuore Wood Floors Pinnacle Sea Harbor Nuvelle Wood Floors Monarch Plank Floors Sawgrass Hills DuChateau Call DeGeorge…

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Mirage Engineered Wood Flooring – Tampa Bay

Mirage engineered wood floor in tampa bay

Mirage: Top in Quality Hardwood and Engineered Flooring Mirage epitomizes attention to detail and the desire to create a product in perfect harmony with its environment. Since purchasing a wood floor is both an investment and an important part of any décor, each and every person associated with Mirage adds a personal and unique touch of…

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Kahrs Hardwood Flooring – Tampa Bay

A kahrs hardwood flooring at tampa bay

Kahrs Hardwood Flooring has always worked with wood, and this is something that has developed into a 150-year love story. Today Kahrs are the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturer that is still in business. As the world shrinks, and the wheel turns ever faster, roots become even more important. Kahrs strong belief in craftsmanship that…

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About DeGeorge Flooring in Tampa Bay

A DeGeorge wooden flooring in tampa bay

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there’s something about a DeGeorge floor that just brings a room together. All the beautiful things which make up your home are somehow even more so. And surprisingly, your not-so-beautiful furnishings are transformed as well. (And let’s face it, we don’t all have decorator-perfect homes.) Maybe…

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Happy Floors Tile Flooring – Tampa Bay

A bathroom with black cabinets and a bathtub

Happy Floors carries the most complete collection of beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile to custom fit your home or office. The Italian tile industry is known as the world leader in design and technology. Italian tile manufactures also are very environmentally conscious and take multiple steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In general majority of…

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IWT Tesoro Tile Flooring – Tampa Bay

A IWT Tesoro tile flooring at tampa bay

Tesoro tile is made up of 100% porcelain or natural stone, and the collection includes a vast selection of borders and accents to complement your selection. Available in hundreds of hand-picked styles to appeal to your personal tastes, Tesoro is perfect for flooring, walls, countertops, backsplashes, foyers, fireplaces and pools and also has a selection of…

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A polymeric flooring with a white bathtub

POLYMERIC IS HERE TO STAY!  Simulates natural materials. Polymeric flooring takes on one of two forms. Either it simulates stone (slate, travertine, marble, etc.) or it simulates wood (teak, maple, oak, walnut, and pine). Waterproof. Often plank-shaped. Another thing that distinguishes a polymeric tile is the shape of individual pieces. Traditional sheet vinyl flooring comes…

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Hardwood Flooring – Tampa Bay

A room with a potted plant and wooden floor

DeGeorge ECO Friendly Flooring – Servicing Tampa Bay Since 1953! With over  65 years of excellence in customer satisfaction and being the nation’s only full service ceiling, flooring, and cabinetry company, DeGeorge has maintained a reputation of the highest quality for your family. Factory direct Hardwood Flooring, Luxury Vinyl/Polymeric Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Tile Flooring and…

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